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Attorney John Mills and Attorney Maria Cahill represent appellants and respondents in a wide range of civil appeals. With decades of experience, Attorney Mills and Attorney Cahill are referred appellate cases from other lawyers, as well as claimants, businesses and insurance companies. As skilled orators and excellent brief writers, Mr. Mills and Ms. Cahill have enjoyed many successes at all level of state and federal appeals courts. Although the majority of cases come from Connecticut, Mr. Mills has argued before the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan and has litigated in the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington.

Attorneys John Mills and Attorney Maria A. Cahill are experienced trial lawyers who have represented plaintiffs and defendants in a vast array of civil matters, including appeals. The following are examples and citations of some of the successful appellate work performed by Mills & Cahill, LLC:


Connecticut Appellate Courts

Hackling v. Casbro Construction, 67 Conn. App. 286 (Dec. 11, 2001); prevailed on behalf of the defendant in trial appeal taken by plaintiff after jury trial.

Kitmirides v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co., 65 Conn. App. 729 (2000); prevailed in appeal taken by plaintiff after declaratory judgment action found no insurance coverage. Although the plaintiff appealed to the Connecticut Supreme Court, that Court affirmed the Court of Appeals and found in favor of Middlesex. 260 Conn. 336 (2002).

Mazzacane v. Elliot, 73 Conn. App. 696 (November 26, 2002); prevailed on behalf of defendant in trial appeal taken by the plaintiff.

Stephens v. Hoerle, 39 Conn. App. 253 (1995); 235 Conn. 928 (1995); prevailed on behalf of defendant before both the Connecticut Court of Appeals and the Connecticut Supreme Court after the plaintiff’s case was dismissed by trial court for failure to comply with discovery pertaining to mental health records.

Stanley v. Martone, 40 Conn. App. 903 (1996); prevailed on behalf of the defendant after plaintiff appealed from summary judgment ruling in premises liability case wherein trial court held plaintiff could not recover because injury took place in wholly demised premises.

Willard v. Travelers Insurance Co., 247 Conn. 331 (1998); prevailed in insurance coverage appeal, trial court reversed on summary judgment ruling. Day, Berry & Howard settled the case on behalf of adverse party after decision published but before case went to trial.

Rocco v. Garrison, 268 Conn. 541 (2004). After obtaining summary judgment against plaintiffs in federal court on statute of limitations defense the plaintiffs re-filed in state court pursuant to accidental failure of suit statute. After obtaining summary judgment against plaintiffs in state court, they appealed. Connecticut Supreme Court chose to hear the case as matter of first impression. Court reversed, holding that accidental failure of suit statute in fact covers federal cases even when service not attempted under federal rules until after the expiration of the state statute of limitations.

Lombardi v. Cobb, 99 Conn. App. 705 (2007); although the Appellate Court ruled in favor of sustaining a remittitur granted by the trial judge, there was a dissenting opinion in favor of the appellant. The case discusses the amount of discretion to be afforded to the trial court to modify damage awards, and will be widely cited.

Federal Cases – 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals

Shade v. Cisneros, Docket No. 00-6160 (April 30, 2001). Defended plaintiffs’ appeal of lead paint verdict tried to jury in District Court which had resulted in defendant’s verdict at trial. Plaintiffs prevail, as court finds co-defendant’s request for joint and several liability was improper. Case against defendant insured by Middlesex Mutual settled for $50,000, which was the amount of our original offer.

Peck v. Public Service Mutual Insurance Co., Docket No. 01-9459 (April 17, 2003). Insurance coverage dispute. Prevailed in appeal taken after District Court granted summary judgment; District Court reversed and case remanded for trial. Presently still pending.

U.S. Supreme Court

Peck v. Public Service Mutual Insurance Co., Docket No. 03-0393 (November 12, 2003). Supreme Court denies the defendant’s petition for writ of certiorari.

All appellate decisions have been published, and copies of any decision(s) will be forwarded for review upon request.

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Mills & Cahill, LLC, provides appellate representation to clients throughout Connecticut, including clients in New Haven County, Fairfield County, Litchfield County, New London County and Hartford County. Based in New Haven, we also represent appellants and respondents in Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury, East Haven, Fairfield, Wallingford, Hamden, North Haven, Milford, Madison, Guilford, and Old Lyme.