The road less traveled is not necessarily safer for bicyclists

Most bicyclists take all of the proper precautions in order to ensure their safety on the roads. While drivers need to be on the lookout, and bicyclists must remain observant of traffic and obstacles, you may be unaware that the road on which you are traveling is itself a threat to your safety on your bike.

Dangerous Roadways

The number of cyclists on the road throughout Connecticut has drastically increased in the past few years. With this increase has also come an increase in bicycle accidents. Some of these accidents are repeatedly occurring in the same areas or at the same intersections. With information from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT), the areas where bicycle accidents occurred between 2012 and 2014 were plotted on a map. This allowed patterns to be seen. Issues were then identified, including narrow shoulders, high speed limits for vehicles and improper signage. DOT officials were provided with this information and are planning to use it in order to increase the safety in these areas, as well as all areas.

Bicyclists can use this information as well. While it may not be feasible that you change the route that you often take, it is advantageous to be aware of the dangers in the area. If you often bike through an intersection that has seen numerous accidents, knowing this can help you be more observant of cars and other dangers.

If you are involved in an accident, this information may be used to take action against the negligent driver or even another party who may have been negligent in providing appropriate signs and safety precautions in the area.

You should always be aware of the laws as they apply to you as a cyclist and always ride with caution. Accidents can happen in seconds, even if you are riding on the safest road in Connecticut. If you have sustained an injury, you should talk to a lawyer about your rights and options.