Mills & Cahill Wins $10 Million Verdict

Attorney John Mills and Attorney Maria Cahill of Mills & Cahill Law Firm, received a jury verdict in the matter of Kathleen Case, Administrator of the Estate of Scott Case v. The Connecticut Institute for the Blind d/b/a Oak Hill, et al, Docket No. UWY CV-18- 6040435-S. Scott Case was a resident at the Oak Hill … Continued

Teen drivers may soon become long-haul truckers

Why would the federal government decide to lower the age necessary to drive a commercial truck from 21 to 18? Sometimes, pressing economic needs override risks associated with safety. Perhaps safety advocates are overly concerned about the dangers, but statistics related to teen drivers provide enough credible data to give the advocates the benefit of … Continued

Dealing with insurance companies in Connecticut

Insurance companies in Connecticut deal with claims every day, so they know what to do or make you say to pay as little reimbursement for your injuries and damages as possible. If this is your first time getting into an accident, you may be at a disadvantage here. Continue reading to have an idea of … Continued

Options for ride-share accidents

In Connecticut, there are special considerations in pursuing a lawsuit due to a ride-share driver causing an accident or otherwise being involved in one. Drivers need to ensure your safety as much as theirs, but ride-share companies are prepared to defend against litigation. How the roads are changing Leading ride-share companies say that only 0.28% … Continued

Driving in ice and snow in Connecticut

Winters in Connecticut can be quite harsh, making it extremely difficult for you to navigate or move around with your automobile. However, there are tips and some preparation that you can try to ensure safe driving. Here are some tips for driving in ice and snow. 1. Prepare in advance The first and most important … Continued

Self-driving car dangers

The reality of self-driving or driverless cars in Connecticut is becoming more likely as a replacement for human-driven vehicles. This technology promises that it will be much safer by eliminating human error, but so far, the evidence shows that self-driving cars don’t always live up to the hype. Here is what you should know about … Continued

Hit and run dangers for cyclists

One of the biggest fears for bicyclists in Connecticut is being hit by a vehicle and then the driver leaving the scene of the accident. This happens more often than people realize, and it can assuredly leave the biker in a precarious situation regarding being compensated for their injuries. Sometimes personal medical insurance can be … Continued

Facts about scooter and motor vehicle accidents

The number of motor vehicle accidents has increased over the last few years in Connecticut and the rest of the country. It is important to be aware that cars and trucks are not the only reasons for accidents: Scooters are also a common culprit in motor vehicle accidents. In some cases, scooter riders are the … Continued

Some dog bites are provoked

Dog owners in Connecticut should be aware of basic dog bite laws just in case anything goes wrong. Although everyone thinks they have the sweetest dog in the world, owners don’t always understand what’s going on in their dogs’ minds. A dog could be provoked by something that you didn’t notice. There is no “free … Continued

Prepare now for winter driving challenges

Drivers in Connecticut understand the suddenness of season changes. One morning, you might admire the colorful leaves on the trees and the next you’re fighting through sluggish traffic during a snowstorm. Since we are fully into the autumn and winter’s right around the corner, it might be time to consider preparing your vehicle for the … Continued