Hit and run dangers for cyclists

One of the biggest fears for bicyclists in Connecticut is being hit by a vehicle and then the driver leaving the scene of the accident. This happens more often than people realize, and it can assuredly leave the biker in a precarious situation regarding being compensated for their injuries. Sometimes personal medical insurance can be used for treatment coverage, but pursuing damages from a negligent party can be difficult when they cannot be located and properly identified. However, there may still be options for some bicyclists.

Personal auto insurance

Some personal auto policies have riders that apply when being hurt while not driving a motorized vehicle. These are no-fault policy clauses that can also apply to riders following bike accidents, and is also known as personal injury protection. Insurance companies may attempt to deny the coverage, but it may still apply regardless. PIP is not a requirement with Connecticut auto insurance policies as in some other states, but it is an excellent option for those who use bikes for transportation as well.

Assisting with a police investigation

It is always best to file a police report after a bike collision even when being hit by a fleeing driver. Police can use their access to information and potential witness testimony to locate and identify the assailant. Negligent drivers will also often be facing criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident, but it is not completely out of the question that a hit-and-run driver can be identified with significant witness assistance or documentation such as pictures of a license plate.

While police officers in Connecticut are often limited in manpower hours to investigate accidents, personal representatives can also help in certain instances when some evidence is available. Being prepared beforehand is actually the best practice for bikers, as it can be very difficult to find a hit-and-run driver after the fact.