Options for ride-share accidents

In Connecticut, there are special considerations in pursuing a lawsuit due to a ride-share driver causing an accident or otherwise being involved in one. Drivers need to ensure your safety as much as theirs, but ride-share companies are prepared to defend against litigation.

How the roads are changing

Leading ride-share companies say that only 0.28% of all motor vehicle accidents in recent years were attributed to ride-share drivers. Unfortunately, disclosure issues arise regarding the breadth of data that ride-share companies are actually sharing. A study by the University of Chicago reveals a different narrative: Lyft and Uber drivers were found by the university to account for roughly 3% of fatalities in motor vehicle accidents.

Contesting insurance

Ride-share companies get insured to hedge the risk of liability for a vehicle collision. To bring the damages of a motor vehicle accident out in court, passengers have to make their claims against companies that employ drivers and provide liability insurance. For confirmed accidents, the coverage of many of the leading businesses accounts for up to $1 million in damages per incident. Due to the nature of the ride-share industry, passengers can make personal injury claims even when the driver wasn’t at fault. You can make claims for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lower quality of life
  • Vehicle damage
  • Personal trauma

Motor vehicle accidents in Connecticut

Drivers take on a great responsibility when you’re their passenger. With so many companies offering this service today, there’s a good likelihood of you becoming a ride-share passenger. It’s important to stay safe and follow up on any accident where a driver endangers your well-being during a scheduled ride.