Dealing with insurance companies in Connecticut

Insurance companies in Connecticut deal with claims every day, so they know what to do or make you say to pay as little reimbursement for your injuries and damages as possible. If this is your first time getting into an accident, you may be at a disadvantage here. Continue reading to have an idea of what to do or say to get the compensation you deserve.

Things to do immediately after an accident

If you are injured so severely that you can’t get out of the car, call the police to get the help that you need. Even when you are not injured, the law requires you to call the police and alert them of the accident. Remember not to say anything that would hint you were at fault for the accident.

If you can get out of the car, gather as much information about the accident as you can. You need good pictures of your injuries, car damage, and any other property inside your car that’s ruined because of the accident. Also, gather information from people who witnessed the accident.

Go to the doctor to check for any injuries. Get the treatment that you need and have your doctor bill your insurance company. If some of your expenses aren’t covered by insurance, pay the bills but keep all the receipts for the settlement case.

Handling the insurance company

You need guidance on what to say to the insurance company because motor vehicle accidents are sometimes very costly, and you need all the compensation you can get. You’ll need to know the cost of repairs. The insurance company will do their own research on how much it cost to repair your car, but you will also want to gather your own information. This will help you settle for what you deserve.

When the insurance company has gathered all their information, they will offer you a settlement. You should know that you have the right to negotiate for more. You can always ask them to justify their settlement and give them a reason why you deserve more by showing all receipts for your expenses.