Do e-bikes come with added safety concerns?

Electric bicycles are gaining popularity among many people who prefer to use a bike to commute. An electric bicycle allows Connecticut riders to use the pedals, rely on an electric motor and accompanying throttle for a boost when necessary, or travel solely on electrical power. Electric bikes garner appeal because they can go far faster than someone could pedal with leg strength alone. The added speed and power bring additional safety requirements to consider, however.

Electric bikes and safety

Concerns about e-bike safety are based on unfortunate accident statistics. Certain areas of the country saw increased injuries and fatalities once electric bikes started to become popular. If a bike reaches 40 mph and a wheel hits a rock, the rider could fly off and hit the ground hard. Even with an appropriate helmet and other safety equipment, the bicyclist could suffer a horrible injury.

Purchasing appropriate safety equipment more intended for e-bikes than traditional bikes is one possible solution. Riding the bike with greater care is another. An e-bike can travel at high speeds, but that doesn’t mean someone should hit maximum speeds in certain environments if at all.

Other safety steps for e-bike enthusiasts

Among the most basic safety points to follow is paying attention to traffic. Cycling without paying attention to cars increases the chances of an accident. The same is true when not keeping an eye out for other bicyclists or pedestrians.

Mounting, dismounting and braking reflect other basics to understand. One mistake could be enough to suffer an injury. Bike accidents could leave victims with significant medical bills and a lengthy recovery time, so a lawsuit might be the only way to recover expenditures.

A personal injury attorney may assist someone who has been hurt in an e-bike incident due to another person’s carelessness. The attorney may explore insurance settlement options for a client.