Driver technology poses dangers for pedestrian accidents

As driver-assist technology becomes more prevalent, there are new dangers for accidents. Connecticut drivers and pedestrians should be aware of the special risks posed by new technology. When accidents occur, malfunctioning driver technology may create legal liability for car manufacturers and drivers.

Driver technology and driver negligence

Even when a vehicle has special driver-assisting technology, a driver can still be liable for any pedestrian accident they cause. A driver has the obligation to drive carefully. Reasonable behavior means knowing how the various types of technology operate to help the person behind the wheel. The driver must know the limits of the technology and how to use it properly.

A pedestrian should follow safe practices for walking near traffic, but technology is not a substitute for driver attention. A driver may have legal liability for a pedestrian accident when their negligence contributes to the crash.

Driver technology and manufacturer liability

Driver technology may also create legal liability for vehicle manufacturers. Various safety features and alerts are relatively new for modern vehicles. A car manufacturer has an obligation to produce a product that is reasonably safe based on a variety of factors.

A manufacturer is not an insurer of a vehicle for every accident that occurs. However, it’s still a legal requirement for car companies to design and manufacture safe vehicles. When technology malfunctions in a way that hurts a pedestrian, the maker of the vehicle may owe the victim car accident compensation.

Evaluating pedestrian accidents

If you’ve been hurt in a pedestrian accident, driver technologies may impact legal liability. Even though driver technologies are meant to alert the driver to help them avoid a pedestrian accident, negligence rules still apply. In addition, product liability laws may also hold the vehicle manufacturer accountable for creating an unreasonably dangerous product. After a pedestrian accident, an attorney may help you identify the liable party.