Halloween creates unique hazards for people on bikes

For many people, Halloween is one of the most exciting and enjoyable holidays. It doesn’t carry the same pressures and stresses that Christmas might, but it still creates a fun atmosphere for children and adults alike. Also unlike Christmas, you can get fully in the spirit and celebrate without spending a lot of money.

For those who enjoy cycling, Halloween can present some unique opportunities, as well as hazards. Biking in the crisp fall air is always enjoyable. The slower travel afforded by a bicycle also makes it easy to appreciate spooky decorations left out by people in your neighborhood.

You can even purchase special costumes that integrate your bike into the costume, allowing you to travel by bike on Halloween and really get into the spirit of the holiday. However, there are also risks that come with being out on your bike on Halloween or in the days immediately before or after.

Watch out for trick-or-treaters and other celebrants

The most obvious and biggest hazard on the streets around Halloween will be kids out going door-to-door. Trick or treating is a highlight of the fall season for kids across Connecticut. However, it is also an activity associated with increased pedestrian risk.

You don’t want to get into a crash with a kid in a costume, because both of you could end up hurt. If you intend to bike in populated areas near Halloween, commit to lower speeds and do your best to remain visible and highly attentive for children and other people crossing the road suddenly.

Of course, children aren’t the only ones who celebrate Halloween. Adults out enjoying the holiday can also pose a number of risks to people on bikes. First of all, you have to worry about the pranksters. Keep an eye open for anyone who might try to scare or chase you as part of a Halloween gag. That can create a stressful and dangerous situation for all involved.

Secondly. while it’s natural to appreciate Halloween costumes, don’t let yourself get distracted by adults in provocative or eye-catching costumes. Your own costume could also be a risk, so be very careful with what you wear. Finally, there is the risk of inebriated adults moving through the streets irresponsibly. Whether they are out with their children or attending a nearby party, drunk adults in the street on Halloween are far too common in many areas.

Weather and seasonal factors are also a concern

People are only one of the risk factors that you have to be alert for at the end of October. Halloween decorations can be quite distracting. In some cases, they are loud. In others, they are motion sensitive and may make noises that startle you.

Glare from decorations or candles can also cause momentary visibility issues. Bits of streamers and other decorations can end up in the street, where they can present tangling or tripping hazards.

You also need to be alert for the traditional seasonal safety issues that come with biking in autumn. Watch out for large piles of leaves, which could be hiding debris or potholes. They can also be slippery on their own, especially if the roads are wet. There is also a potential for rain, as well as fog. Stay safe, stay alert and invest in gear that will keep you dry and highly visible when you go out biking during the Halloween season.