Study examines severity of pedestrian-SUV accidents

The reputation of SUVs as being more dangerous to pedestrians than cars is not a new one, but according to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they remain dangerous, and pedestrian deaths overall are on the rise. Pedestrians in Connecticut should be aware that the rate of fatal accidents in which an SUV hit a pedestrian increased faster for SUVs than for any other kind of vehicle between 2009 and 2016.

Injuries to pedestrians

SUVs continue to grow in popularity, and designers have made changes in response to safety concerns to make them less dangerous for drivers and passengers. However, those improvements have not been extended to ensure pedestrian safety. When an SUV strikes a pedestrian, the bumper usually hits them first, and then the grille hits the chest or pelvis. This may be due to the blocky design of the grille; a grille that sloped more might pose less of a danger. According to previous national studies, SUVs threw pedestrians at a higher rate and caused more serious injuries to the hips or thighs due to the fact that SUVs tend to have a higher front than cars.

Future study

The study indicating the danger of SUVs to pedestrians only examined a small sample in Michigan, so it is not necessarily representative of SUV drivers and pedestrians throughout the country. With the data gathered, the IIHS will examine which designs might be less dangerous for pedestrians who are involved in auto accidents.

The severity of the injuries that pedestrians may incur if they are hit by a car might mean that compensation is particularly important to them for paying off medical bills. An attorney may be able to assist a person with the process, including working with insurance companies and taking legal action if necessary.