Why do so many truck accidents happen?

Anyone who witnessed the aftermath of a truck collision on a Connecticut highway knows that these crashes are often devastating. Even those who never worked in the trucking industry know these professional drivers must pass a rigorous CDL license test, and their driving record often faces significant scrutiny. So, why do these experienced drivers get into accidents?

Causes of truck accidents

Of course, there are scores of drivers who never come close to an accident. Statistics do reveal truck accidents are not infrequent events on United States roads and highways. Driver fatigue gets blamed for many collisions.

Although drivers must follow laws regarding mandatory breaks, not everyone adheres to the rules. Sometimes, a driver might be under the weather, causing tiredness. Regardless of the reason for feeling tired, a fatigued driver might suffer from slow reactions or outright fall asleep at the wheel.

Intoxicated drivers are dangerous, and not all use depressants like alcohol or painkillers. Stimulant use might also contribute to impaired driving behavior.

Distracted driving is another reason numerous avoidable motor vehicle accidents happen. The continued rise of infotainment systems and trucks may add to even more distractions. Unnecessary behaviors like talking on the phone or eating while driving come with dire risks.

Moving violations, such as speeding or improper lane changing, might cause an accident. Some drivers operate their trucks carelessly until a disaster occurs.

Examining the truck

Poor or neglectful maintenance could lead to a crash. When maintenance issues lead to accidents, the driver may not always be at fault. Subpar repair work might leave the truck driver operating a vehicle he or she doesn’t know is unsafe. However, an employer or repair professional could be liable.

An attorney might assist truck accident victims in their pursuit of compensation. The attorney could file insurance claims on a client’s behalf.