“Dooring” bicycle accidents and how to avoid them

A lot of bicycle accidents in Connecticut happen while cyclists are riding past parked cars. When the driver of a car opens their door to get out, they may not see a cyclist riding by. The next thing you know, the cyclist is smacked by the opening door and ends up on the ground. How … Continued

What is the eggshell skull rule?

The eggshell skull rule is a legal doctrine in Connecticut and around the country that holds individuals who cause injury to others due to negligent or intentional acts liable for all resulting damage even if they could not have foreseen the consequences of their actions. The rule is most commonly cited in personal injury cases … Continued

Driving hazards to watch out for in the fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Connecticut, but while you’re admiring those colorful leaves and earlier sunsets, remember that fall brings many new hazards to the roadways. A combination of factors can make fall the most dangerous driving season. Less visibility Visibility is a huge issue in the fall driving season. Not only … Continued

How car designs cause serious accidents

A car’s manufactured design has a significant impact on the outcome of an accident in Connecticut. The speed at which the vehicle is moving is the most important factor, but the lack of safety features built into the vehicle is another factor to consider. There are numerous car designs that could lead to accident fatalities … Continued

Tips to avoid drowsy driving accidents

No matter where you’re driving in Connecticut, it’s important to get adequate sleep. Drowsy driving is so dangerous that it has been compared to drunk driving. If a driver misses a certain amount of sleep, their awareness and judgment is impaired, and their reaction time is decreased. Get enough sleep before driving The number of … Continued

Would AEB brake systems reduce truck accidents?

All vehicle collisions come with the potential for terrible injuries, but most people likely fear a truck collision the most. Is there anything surprising about how Connecticut drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians feel about tractor-trailer collisions? A commercial truck’s massive size could cause tremendous harm to those it hits. So, would it not be helpful if … Continued

Racial disparities may affect car crash injuries

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious and long-lasting harm to the victims of these collisions. Drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists may suffer serious injuries, permanent disabilities and significant other damages, from lost wages to property damage, as a result of the actions of negligent or distracted drivers. In addition, structural racism and discrimination in Connecticut … Continued

Riding a bike? Follow the rules of the road

Riding a bicycle can be a dangerous proposition sometimes because cyclists are frequently the victims of accidents and crashes. These accidents are often outside of the control of the cyclist in question, but it is important to remember that bicycle riders must obey all rules of the road for their own safety. What that means … Continued

Study examines severity of pedestrian-SUV accidents

The reputation of SUVs as being more dangerous to pedestrians than cars is not a new one, but according to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they remain dangerous, and pedestrian deaths overall are on the rise. Pedestrians in Connecticut should be aware that the rate of fatal accidents in which … Continued

Why do so many truck accidents happen?

Anyone who witnessed the aftermath of a truck collision on a Connecticut highway knows that these crashes are often devastating. Even those who never worked in the trucking industry know these professional drivers must pass a rigorous CDL license test, and their driving record often faces significant scrutiny. So, why do these experienced drivers get … Continued