Choose the right motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle accidents contribute to a considerable number of deaths in Connecticut. As a cyclist, a motorcyclist, a helmet plays a considerable role in maintaining your safety while riding. Thus, as you seek pleasure in riding a motorcycle, ensure you always have a helmet on. However, getting the fitting helmet is tedious. Here are steps to … Continued

Do e-bikes come with added safety concerns?

Electric bicycles are gaining popularity among many people who prefer to use a bike to commute. An electric bicycle allows Connecticut riders to use the pedals, rely on an electric motor and accompanying throttle for a boost when necessary, or travel solely on electrical power. Electric bikes garner appeal because they can go far faster … Continued

Autopilot accidents raise questions about autonomous systems

Road safety advocates in Connecticut and around the country hope that autonomous systems like Tesla’s Autopilot feature will make the roads far less dangerous because they eliminate the human errors that play a role in virtually all motor vehicle accidents, but a series of deadly crashes involving autonomous cars and a study released in 2020 … Continued

How dangerous is rubbernecking?

Drivers may discover something that catches their eyes when traveling. A car crash on the roadside might capture attention, or a sunset could draw sentimental gazes. Rubbernecking comes in many forms and, regardless of the reason, remains dangerous. If Connecticut drivers do not prevent themselves from rubbernecking, their actions may lead to a collision. Rubbernecking … Continued

Speeding is a growing problem in the trucking industry

Every summer, the trucking industry gears up for Operation Safe Driver Week. Throughout this week, law enforcement in Connecticut and other states will heighten traffic safety enforcement and work to educate trucking drivers about roadway safety. One of the biggest concerns that the initiative is focusing on this year is driver speeding. Why is speeding … Continued

Why roadways are so dangerous to pedestrians and bicyclists

Each year in Connecticut, an alarming number of pedestrians and bicyclists are seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. The shocking incidence of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists begs the question of why our roadways are so dangerous.. Rate of Connecticut motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists The rate of Connecticut motor vehicle … Continued

Common driving distractions

Connecticut motorists are commonly informed about the dangers of texting while they are driving. While this is definitely a bad practice, it’s not the only dangerous behavior behind the wheel. Here’s a look at some other common activities that people are likely guilty of doing and that put them at a greater risk for being … Continued

The true dangers of driving a motorcycle vs a car

Many Connecticut residents can’t wait until the spring and summer months come around so that they can enjoy the freedom of the open road on their motorcycles. Unfortunately, as more motorcycle riders take to the highway, the number of accidents increases drastically. If you’re thinking about taking your motorcycle out, it’s important to understand the … Continued

Several parties could be to blame in trucking accidents

When people in Connecticut get into a trucking accident, it’s often very devastating. Trucks are big, so the damage they do is often catastrophic. If victims have survived the crash, they’re most likely dealing with medical issues, lost pay, and a host of other issues that could seriously affect their quality of life. They’re going … Continued

How dog bite statutes work in Connecticut

Connecticut is a strict liability state in regard to dog bites. There is no responsibility of the victim to prove that the dog owner was neglectful or knew their dog was vicious. Rather, the dog owner is fully responsible for all injuries and damage to property that their dog creates. Are there any exceptions to … Continued